Planning my crafting

Everyone is talking about cast on mania, and I am here looking at my current works in progress and wishing I had the needles spare for some casting on.

Wishing I also was able to create as fast as I think. (Making a pullover for a plus sized body in sock weight yarn is NOT a speedy knit.)

So to tide myself over I have made a very strict queue of what I am allowed to cast on and when.

See, I wasn’t kidding about the amount of WIPs I have on the go. I have 4 crocheted blankets on the go, two jumpers (sweaters to you North Americans), two pair of sock, several shawls or scarves, one hat, a quilt, and three embroidery hoops on the go.
This is not including the test knits, and machine knitting projects that are languishing in various corners of the place.

To get through these I have set myself days of the week to work on projects of a similar theme.

Mondays: Crochet Projects (CAL’s that were abandoned being first.)

Tuesdays: Quilting, I have many many hexagons to sew together. Not as many as our Anja and her Insanity Quilt, or our dear friend doing the NIBig Sock, but I have a quilt’s worth.

Wednesday: Well this is easy, we get together on Wednesdays so I bring my favourite project to hang out and chill with my gals.

Thursday: This is usually my admin day, so I don’t have much time off the computer, but during running the children to piano to drama I can do a round or 7 on a sock.

Friday: I fire up the knitting machine and continue on the charity blankets we make for the SOS Bus, of if I am finally low on charity stash, then I will pick up some hand knitting and keep going.

Saturday: Simple and fun, Saturdays are either family days of board games and movies, or I hang out with the ladies for a cheeky Saturday so I want a simple and fun project to keep me going.

Sunday: Embroidery, I’ll break out the hoop and an audiobook and pretend I’m a Regency style heroine doing some work while my paramour reads out loud to me (when in fact he is usually blowing up zombies or aliens or something in the man cave,).

So that is my week of crafting timetable, and seeing as it is Monday now, I should have my hook in hand instead of typing this.

Off I dash!

It’s a funny old month

February is a strange month, really quite hard to pin down its character.  December is simple, feverish gift knitting and a growing hysteria. January is more reflective with promises of cold sheeping and cooing over the yarn received in the Christmas swap.

But February? On a positive note, the mornings are getting lighter, payday is just around the corner and there are plenty of knitty events to look forward to.  However for those on the sheep the grim reality of being on a yarn diet is really starting to bite and with Easter still many weeks away we have no clear focus for our efforts.

So how does a wiley crafter respond?

Some go stark staring mad and take on the challenge of casting on a project for each day of the month.  Not for the faint hearted but it certainly staves off the boredom.

Others dive into their stash a get creative with their hoard – Sharon’s rainbow jacket is an amazing response to the siren call of yarn already purchased.

The weaker willed among us (that would be me) allege that they do not have ANYTHING of use in their stash and continue to purchase and even plan pilgrimages to yarn shops in foreign cities.

So, halfway through this troublesome month we plough on with our projects and dream of Edinburgh, the Dock Market and a Very Big Sock!

New (ad)venture! 

I’ve never really been one for new year’s resolutions… But as soon as 2016 ended.. I just felt like a complete life overhaul was in order! 

It is time. The babies are getting more independent (they work as a team to raid the treat cupboard.. They range from 1-5!!) it’s time to start doing something for me!

An idea had been brewing for a while though…

I guess it all started when a planned day out at a dye course held by a fine fish yarns fell through. (Yes I was absolutely gutted!) My clever husband bought me everything I needed to have a go myself!! 

Well.. Let me tell you.. A passion was born!!

(punk princess)

I just could’nt stop! 


The only logical thing was to set up shop… Otherwise.. Well.. I’m a rather slow knitter.. And the house is coming down with wool as it is! But if the worst case scenario is I have an immense ‘perfect-for-me’ stash.. Sure it’s a win-win isn’t it??

​(toxic banana and TMNT)

But I really hope you love what I do, as much as I love doing it! 

The Etsy shop is underway… Come follow me on instagram (@bearinsheepsclothing) for updates if you so wish! And keep an eye out for this symbol…

(credit to the awesome quirky cupcake art for the logo!!)

Here endith the shameless self-plug!

Thank you and goodnight! Xo

The eve of mania

Its hard to believe that its February tomorrow. We’ve just barely recovered from the frantic crafting that December brings and now its time for another crazy venture…Cast on Mania.
The premise for this one is simple – try to cast on something new for every day in February. So by 1 March you should have 28 brand new projects on the needles.
According to the rules I read on Ravelry, there aren’t really any rules! You can cast on as many things (or as few) as you like during the 28 days.
You may want to start that blanket you’ve been putting off for years and this could be the spur you need. Or you have half a dozen single socks lying around just waiting on their mate….then now’s the time.
It’s meant to be fun so don’t be stressing yourself out if you only manage a hat.
As for us…well as usual we have the aspiration for greatness. We’re going to knit ALL THE THINGS! There’s baby knits, hats, crochet ponchos and jumpers…. And then there’s me who will manage a single pair of socks.
I unofficially had my Cast on Mania in January…I just got twitchy fingers. I keep making hats which, while they will keep someone warm eventually, aren’t on my immediate to do list. I’ve baby things to knit by March for work and so far I just have a sleeveless cardigan to show for my efforts.
Preparation is key. Take time today to rummage through your Ravelry queue, your pattern books and magazines for the patterns you want to start. Gather the yarn, needles and notions for each project and stick them in a project bag. Write a list so you can keep track of whats been started.
So far I’ve managed to write a short list and printed some patterns. My C.O.M will consist of knitting though the living room stash (with a few additions from the main stash) and am determined to knit sleeves, a blanket (pram sized thankfully) and some wee hats (and finish the socks in progress too)
You don’t have to finish everything in February, just get the projects started!
Need moral support? We’ll be in the Dock café on Saturday from 12 if you want to Cast on with us!

Cute Little Crochet

For Christmas, my mother-in-law got me a new craft book, a book of cute little crocheted animals. I immediately fell in love, and so did the kids. It’s called Cute Crocheted Animals, by Emma Varnam.


My first order was for Stanley, the adorable black and white cat, for my oldest son (age 7). The pattern was easy to follow, straightforward to work up and quick! The lack of quirky, detailed features of other crochet patterns was made up for by the lovely squish-ability of the finished animal: perfect for hugging, snuggling, travelling, and other wee adventures. My son couldn’t wait for Stanley to be finished.



One thing that I believe makes this book stand out are the myriad ‘extra’ patterns offered; there are loads of accessories and outfits to choose from and mix and match. It was just as fun to help my son pick out Stanley’s outfit as it is to play with him now he’s finished, and he could have a whole wardrobe soon enough! The book has several animals to choose from: a bunny, a mouse, a fox, a cat, and a bear. Each animal is made in pairs: a boy version and a girl version, so the book is excellent to have on standby for a relatively quick gift. (Stanley’s girl-friend is called Katy, a grey cat with a pretty blue dress.)

The photographs are cute and simple, with close ups of the clothes, and a how-to at the back in case you’re new to crochet and can’t remember how to work all the stitches. Each animal has their own bio too, to provide a little backstory and get the imagination rolling. It’s a good size too – I didn’t even need my reading glasses to read the text, and the book still fits nicely in my craft bag. The paper is good quality with thick pages, so it’s tactilely pleasing to thumb through as well.

All in all, I’m delighted with this book. I’ll be making the ballerina mouse next for my daughter, and I may just make myself a fox!

You know how it is…

…or maybe you don’t. Anyway, let me illustrate how the process of writing these blog posts usually works. For me, personally, at least.

I sit at work.

My phone vibrates.

Darn. It’s Nikki. I have to blog today.

What to write????

Luckily, on the odd chance that I’ve just about managed to dissuade myself from buying that 7-skein Star Wars inspired pack of yarn, a topic may present itself.

So, after my shift, I went home, and indulged in taking a dive into my already present stash instead. Namely, to dig out the yarn I want to use for the Stonecutter Sweater, which will be my to-wear project for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year.


While I was neck-deep in my yarn anyway, I figured I might as well get to updating my Ravelry stash (only a wee bit, mind you, I have more…), and store the according yarn properly in the now free space. These were the lucky additions to my online stash overview:

Now, I swear I’ll be better prepared next time I get to blog, but that’s all for now, folks. (At least I’m honest about being a forgetful lazy bum… ;P)

This blog post is brought to you by the letter ……….

When my kids were growing up Sesamae Street was the highlight of our day.  Any programme that keeps your small person engrossed for a whole hour has to be a winner right?  Each episode was brought to you by a letter. My knitting often tends to follow the same trend. I have just finished the letter C or Crazy Christmas Crafting and I’m moving on to the letter M for the Month of Me.

Im not naturally a selfish knitter (36 projects knit last year 21 gifted) so I always struggle with not having things on the needles to gift but I really think I deserve a little treat.  I have made plans

Firstly a shawl made with the yarn and pattern gifted to me by the lovely  SnB ladies after my dad died  (Both dad and I have our birthdays this month so I think it will encourage happy memories as I knit) this lovely yarn will become a shawl Across the pond by Mina Philipp


My current socks are just good old plain vanilla in Opal yarn perfect for car knitting  I may be a selfish knitter but I’m still a willing taxi driver so perfect for waiting around in cars.

Im planning a new sweater  I’ve got some lovely Fine fish in the colourway Claude

img_1407This will become Antler by Ankestrick

ive not quite made up my mind on the accent colour I’ll see how my yarn knits up.  It’s nice plain knitting even if it’s fingering weight.

I’m not naturally a product knitter but I’m wearing hats on a daily basis so a quick knit in some yummy yarn is called for


This will be the Holiday Hat by Leslie Scanlon .

That will get me focused , I know I won’t finish in a month but that’s okay I’ll soon have some nice new hand knits to wear and enjoy. This is the progress ….so far so good !



Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas crafters,  we hope Santa has brought you lots of crafting goodies. 

Share your Christmas haul with us in the comments section below,  ho ho ho!


Every year our group does a Christmas swap and this year we decided to take it on location. Anya kindly organised the Titanic Afternoon Tea and on Sunday afternoon we all pitched up ready for an afternoon of fun and friendship.

I don’t know if the genteel halls of the Olympic Suite were quite ready for us – and our outlandish demands to sit together! But eventually we all got settled and the business of the afternoon could begin. Kenny the waiter even impaled himself on some panelling in order to take our picture. A few friends could not make the event and there had been some very furtive pre event gift delivering in undisclosed locations.

Following a strict rotation each knitter received their box of delights. The oohs and ahhs escalated into squeals and gasps as each present was gradually revealed.  It is a testament to the strength of our friendship that all the creations were so personal and thoughtful. Crafters had haunted wish lists, eavesdropped on conversations and in Anya’s case listened to my repeated plaintive plea, ‘I love those gloves’ (I love them so much that I am wearing them now as I type, and may never take them off!) in order to create the perfect gift.

We were treated to a journey round the world, a trip over a rainbow, a escapade in the labyrinth of double knitting and much much more.  Just as the excitement was beginning to subside the food arrived.  What a feast! Even then we couldn’t resist swapping as salmon balls were traded for panacotta and scones.

When even Helen had run out of tea we slipped into a post prandial reverie and our thoughts turned once again to our beautiful gifts. I put on my ‘tar ra ra’ Stephanie delved into her fireside basket and Sharon and Heather explored the possibilities of actually knitting your own rainbow.

The formal section of the afternoon ended with the obligatory photograph on the staircase taken by yet another very obliging waiter and then we started to drift away.  Some people went home, others to the pub and several simply to a quiet corner to stare at their gift and stroke their yarn.

Sitting at home later in the evening, wearing my beautiful gloves, sparkly birds singing from my Christmas tree and a box of violets by my side I consider myself very lucky to be part of such a special group.

Christmas guilt.

My post is late.. And I’ll tell ye why… 

(I swear this happens every year!)

I decided I wasn’t going to do any knitting for family. Do they REALLY appreciate it? Are they just pretending? I was already knitting 3 gifts for swaps. (knitting for fellow knitters who WILL appreciate it!) But then… The christmas guilt set in! 

I’d been telling the kids about the icelandic yule lads… And the christmas cat (who eats children if they don’t get clothes at Christmas!) and I knew as soon as I said it I had to knit them something squishy for under the tree! So now I have a week to knit a colourwork hat for my eldest, a frog for my wee girl (I’ve knit her a jumper already.. And she’ll get pj’s for under the tree ;-)) and think of something for the baby…

Wish me luck! I’ll need it!

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