Who are we????

I was speaking to Ali from the Community Arts Partnership on Tuesday night and we were talking about the blog. She was under the impression that it was written by one person and was surprised when I said there were 6 of us!

 So, I’m going to tell you all about who we are.

Sharon   Sharon is our resident Earth Mother who has an oil for any ailment or complaint. Conveniently she is also our Canadian yarn smuggler, but she makes you earn it!

Anja  She’s a German crack supplier (we love WollButt, what can I say!?). If there’s a crazy crafting challenge going, she’ll probably do it. (Insanity quilt for example, 10,000 1.5 inch fabric hexi’s! Complete madness!)

Jaele  Jaele can’t say “no” so she’s busy 24/7 either manning an ambulance, writing a book, sewing to order or looking after the kids. She still manages to squeeze crafting time into her busy day (and still get some sleep).

Nikki – me. I have nothing entertaining to say about myself. I’m learning to dye yarn and probably won’t ever knit it. I take FULL advantage of Sharon and Anja’s yarn-providing skills.

Bernie  There are 2 things you need to know about Bernie: She likes things NEON and patterns designed by Stephen West. Combine these two things and she’s a happy camper.

Patricia  Patricia is our newest blogging recruit. She did one post and loved the experience so much she’s signed on as a permanent author.

So there you have it, the blogging family.

(Each post has the authors name on it, so you can easily find your favourite blogger)




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