Working down my Queue

I am a very impulsive crafter, I adore the process of making, and nothing thrills me more than learning a new technique or skill.
Noting those key things about me you’d not be surprised to find I don’t often make doubles of anything. Once a skill is mastered, a technique learned, or a unique item created I no longer feel the need to make it again.

But this year I am crafting with purpose, as I mentioned in an older post I am trying to finish all the half forgotten projects and make room for all the ideas in my head.

I’ve done quite well with this plan and now I need to look at that pesky queue I have on Ravelry.

It seems there were things on there that took my fancy ages ago but because I am so mercurial in my patterns (when I don’t plan) my tastes and skills have changed dramatically from the time I put the patterns on the list.

So I had to do a quick clean up of what I knew I’d never work on, and then go through my collection of patterns and choose some things I actually do wish to work on.

I also assigned deadlines to each project so that I can not allow myself to be distracted by the new and shiny patterns or techniques I see. So I will be accountable and that in itself will make sure I stay on track.

Plus it will give me an excuse to use up the project planning stickers I have.

Slowly but surly I will master the appearance of being a capable and accomplished crafter, and as my best friend always used to say ‘Fake it till you make it.”


Baby, it’s cold outside

I’m currently huddled under my duvet and a billon blankets because winter has finally decided to arrive. It’s like Hoth out there and all I can think about is being warm again.

Knitted socks are a must as are all the knitted accessories – hat, scarf, mitts, wristers and boot toppers. Knitters wait all year to be able to wear the fruits of their labour’s but me, I’m in under a blanket.


So warm and cozy

Usually it’s this blanket which you need to look at sideways. It’s draped across the back of my sofa and remained there for the 3 seconds it took to snap that rubbish photo.

That blanket is the warmest I’ve made. It’s a 4 stranded job – 3 strands of dk with a strand of 4ply through it. The wool content keeps the heat in and it really needs a wash at this stage. I’ve plans for a sequel to this one so the hubby and I have one less thing to argue about!

Last year I also made 3 versions of the same blanket pattern:


Version one


Version 2


Version 3

Blanket 1 and 2 are made with stylecraft special held doubled and are knitted as per the pattern.

Blanket 3 is vannas choice (single stranded) and up sized as a mothers day present for my mother in law. I knitted a full ball for each colour section to make it longer and wider. She even seemed to like it!

Right now I’m working on yet another one, blanket 4:


The colour sections are shorter but there will be more of them.

And what pattern is this that I’m obsessed with? Its the Wesley crib blanket. Think of the stash busting you could do!!

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