The Taco and Spinning Party

I had a birthday not too long ago, and because as any good crafter knows, a celebration isn’t a celebration without a healthy dose of crafting involved, I hosted one of my infamous Knitting Parties.

Tacos was the elected food theme for the day, so I fired up my slow cooker and made the very simple and very lovely Stupid Easy Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken , diced some taco veg, heated some taco shells; made my Dill Salsa, and because I can’t have a Knitting Party without my Greek Dip, (though I make my own seasoning as the prepackaged one in this recipe doesn’t exist in the UK.) I made some of that as well.

My youngest son choose the cheeses for the, again required, cheese board, and then prepped the tea pot for guests to arrive.

People arrived with yarn, and projects a plenty, but what had happened organically was everyone who had a spinning wheel brought theirs as well! (People also brought awesome cakes and pavlovas as well! BONUS!)

So we set up in the biggest open space we had (in front of the food) and had a mini spinning party.

The more experienced Spinners held us baby Spinner’s by the hand as we learned to treadle, to draft, and relax our grips.

We got to try different wheels to see which style suited each of us better, (and I am now lusting after a double treadle conversion kit for my wheel), and witnessed how fantastic one of our members is for learning to spin on her warped antique double drive.

The event went down quite well as everyone at lots of food, drank much tea, and had a good gossip.

The day was a great success and I have even plyed our singles into a rather fetching bit of yarn.


The Bluegrass Knitting Party

Once a month we like to take our knitting group out of our oh so friendly neighbourhood Starbucks and go on the road.

This month everyone braved the wilds of the countryside and came to my house, where a desperate woman waited for them.


Stash improperly stored leads to heart ache.

See I have been decluttering my house using the popular Konmari Method but had stalled with my yarn stash.

If you are unfamiliar with the Konmari Method I’ll break it down for you.

  • Choose one room in your house and work there. i.e. Bedroom
  • In that room choose one part of it to focus on. i.e. wardrobe
  • Choose one section to work with. i.e. T-shirts
  • Dump everything from that section out on the floor and look at it.
  • Divide the selection into two piles LOVE and OTHER
  • Keep anything in the LOVE pile; dispose of anything in the OTHER pile appropriately (donation, rag bin etc).

Now this is very basic, if you wish for more detailed info I suggested reading the book by Mari Kondo titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying; A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever.”

Link to

Back to our story; so I have been decluttering like crazy, but I had stalled when I opened up my yarn stash bag.
I looked at the tangled mess and I saw so much potential, so many opportunities, so many plans I couldn’t divide it all.

In short I was overwhelmed, and who wouldn’t be? I had yarn that was over 12 years old lurking in the corners of that big duvet bag.


It was a mess!

So when our intrepid crafting explorers came to my home I fell on my knees and begged help. Nikki and Stephanie to the rescue!

They dove right in and sifted through the the mass of tangles and with humour and patience helped me figure out which yarns were worthy of my love and which needed to find new homes. (Some of those new homes were theirs so I don’t think it was completely altruistic).

Now that big duvet bag is empty and will be used for the winter bedding, as it was designed to be, and I have manageable collection of yarn from which to plot and work from.


Cotton “picking” basket

There was some yarn left over from everyone’s ‘shopping’ to donate to the local charity knitters as well!

Stash improperly stored can lead to heart ache.

Yarn for charity

All in all it took use 2 hours to clear out my stash and we all celebrated with cake and tea and more crafting. Listening to a great list of Bluegrass Covers of popular music and having a good old time.


I worked on my bobble crochet blanket.

Having a group around to help you realise you don’t need those 15grams of eyelash yarn in your stash is a very valuable thing.  Everyone should try it.

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