This past Saturday morning, I left my house to join fellow Belfast Knitters, Weavers, (Fibre-)Artists of all sorts, really, at the Ulster Museum for a great day of showing off  our Arts & Crafts.

Since there’s a couple of shared members, and because we could, Belfast Stitch’n’Bitch paired up with the Ulster Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers for the event, in order to display the process from the fibre to the spun singles, to the plied yarn, to crocheted/woven/knit items of any and all shapes and forms.

Add other crafty and/or cultural ventures such as the Big Sock NI, as well as a little additional entertainment like dancing, comedy and music, and you have yourself a fabulous day.

And yes, if anything similar is going on in Belfast, the chances that at least some of us can be found there are high… ;P


Games Night

It is the Holiday season, and that means family time, friends over and TV marathons.

But in this little house of craftiness it also means tabletop games!


Uno Tournament, there may have been timeouts required.

I have a limit on the amount of time I sit in front of a screen and, as a typical tyrannical paternal figure, I impose this limit on my family as well.


Killer Bunnies, supervised by a Killer Bunny.

So we play tabletop games, and we play lots of them.


Chopstick Mega Dexterity 3000, an excuse for chaos and sushi.

Over the years I have figured out that if I am crafting to a deadline then long drawn out tabletop RPGs are what I need. All that talking and game play doesn’t require me to use my hands to move pieces and I can work on my WIP in peace.

But even I need to put down my crafty supplies and get really into a game.

One family favourite is Apples to Apples, a game of comparisons.

Apple to Apples Amazon Link

But after the younger generation retires, then the adults can relax a little and a similar, though vastly different game comes out; Cards Against Humanity plays in a similar fashion as Apples to Apples, but has a more risqué theme.

Cards Against Humanity, Amazon Link

And, in true board games fashion there are add ons!

Cards Against Humanity Expansion Amazon Link

I have found, for this winter’s crafty gamer, the perfect add on for your Cards Against Humanity bigger, blacker box; the Knitters Against Swatches add on.


Sample white card for Knitters Against Swatches


Sample black card for Knitters Against Swatches

I have included some links to the various games I have show cased here. Feel free to add them to your own collection.*



*This post does contain affiliate links

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