New (ad)venture! 

I’ve never really been one for new year’s resolutions… But as soon as 2016 ended.. I just felt like a complete life overhaul was in order! 

It is time. The babies are getting more independent (they work as a team to raid the treat cupboard.. They range from 1-5!!) it’s time to start doing something for me!

An idea had been brewing for a while though…

I guess it all started when a planned day out at a dye course held by a fine fish yarns fell through. (Yes I was absolutely gutted!) My clever husband bought me everything I needed to have a go myself!! 

Well.. Let me tell you.. A passion was born!!

(punk princess)

I just could’nt stop! 


The only logical thing was to set up shop… Otherwise.. Well.. I’m a rather slow knitter.. And the house is coming down with wool as it is! But if the worst case scenario is I have an immense ‘perfect-for-me’ stash.. Sure it’s a win-win isn’t it??

​(toxic banana and TMNT)

But I really hope you love what I do, as much as I love doing it! 

The Etsy shop is underway… Come follow me on instagram (@bearinsheepsclothing) for updates if you so wish! And keep an eye out for this symbol…

(credit to the awesome quirky cupcake art for the logo!!)

Here endith the shameless self-plug!

Thank you and goodnight! Xo


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