This blog post is brought to you by the letter ……….

When my kids were growing up Sesamae Street was the highlight of our day.  Any programme that keeps your small person engrossed for a whole hour has to be a winner right?  Each episode was brought to you by a letter. My knitting often tends to follow the same trend. I have just finished the letter C or Crazy Christmas Crafting and I’m moving on to the letter M for the Month of Me.

Im not naturally a selfish knitter (36 projects knit last year 21 gifted) so I always struggle with not having things on the needles to gift but I really think I deserve a little treat.  I have made plans

Firstly a shawl made with the yarn and pattern gifted to me by the lovely  SnB ladies after my dad died  (Both dad and I have our birthdays this month so I think it will encourage happy memories as I knit) this lovely yarn will become a shawl Across the pond by Mina Philipp


My current socks are just good old plain vanilla in Opal yarn perfect for car knitting  I may be a selfish knitter but I’m still a willing taxi driver so perfect for waiting around in cars.

Im planning a new sweater  I’ve got some lovely Fine fish in the colourway Claude

img_1407This will become Antler by Ankestrick

ive not quite made up my mind on the accent colour I’ll see how my yarn knits up.  It’s nice plain knitting even if it’s fingering weight.

I’m not naturally a product knitter but I’m wearing hats on a daily basis so a quick knit in some yummy yarn is called for


This will be the Holiday Hat by Leslie Scanlon .

That will get me focused , I know I won’t finish in a month but that’s okay I’ll soon have some nice new hand knits to wear and enjoy. This is the progress ….so far so good !




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