Knitterly pride

As the saying goes, “Pride comes before a fall” and in my case, the pride is knitting related.

Once upon a September (or maybe October) day, I concocted a plan. For I had been knitting things for a while and squirreling them away for the season that knitters and all crafters hate most….Christmas.  Ah Christmas! Nothing like a little bit of added self imposed stress coupled with the thoughts of ” is this what I made them last year?”

No, not me. I was playing it safe this time round.  Everything would be done by the start of December and I could sit for the weeks leading up to Christmas laughing (inwardly of course) as I watched others stress themselves out trying to finish X, Y and Z before the clock struck 12 midnight on Christmas Eve.

Alas, this is where the fall occurred. I was tidying my knitting corner in the living room and emptied a project bag….and then another…..and then another. Each bag contained a “finished” project. See how finished was in those wee quotation marks? Yes, they weren’t finished. Each item has a common theme…..ALL the ends needed woven in.

So here I am, a week into my self imposed deadline whereby I should be cackling away as Jaele stresses out over casting on another MKAL when she should be test knitting, and Anja is buried forever in her stash as she tries to locate that extra ball of afghan yarn, sitting watching time tick away on a new project as I try to get all the ends tamed.

When will I learn that finishing those ends at the time is a much better idea than leaving them hanging there mocking me??


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