The Psychological Benefits of Knitting.

The Psychological Benefits of Knitting.

Crafting is a vital personal development tool.

What do I mean by personal development Tool?

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.
In this definition knitting is a skill that furthers your own quality of life.
It takes time to accomplish anything with your own hands. You need to learn the skills of creation first.

How many of us remember the struggle it took to create our first item? It was not an instant success, no matter how proud we were of it.

Then, when we had the skill to create an item of beauty and usefulness then we start into the core topic I wish to address here.

The big thing about knitting (and other crafting,) that people forget is that it requires consistency and attention, loyalty and more than a little reliability.

To create something useful and beautiful we need to stay with the project long enough to see it to completion. This requires a steadfast devotion to said project.

If you abandon the project halfway through, it will just take up space and materials and wastes the effort you put into it before.

If you leave a project, dazzled by the latest technique, or the newest supply then again your time and effort and space is wasted.

To be a good knitter/crafter you need to stay focused on the project in hand and complete it fully. Doing this also improves your focus and attention in your non-crafting life.

The psychological benefits of knitting means that your own relationships with other projects will improve, you will find yourself accomplishing more goals and being more patient with the length of time others take to complete a task.

You will garner an appreciation of handmade items and the effort it takes to create unique items. You will be less wasteful of you own resources and those of others.

You may even find you are a better companion because you have a greater empathy for your peers, as you understand the effort it requires to do anything well.

The simple mindfulness of the process in crafting can impact your entire life. By slowing down, learning a process from the simplest steps you can see beauty and revel in the accomplishments you achieve.

Instead of rushing on to the newest greatest thing, you will find yourself sitting, enjoying what you have right in front of you and being proud of what you can do.

You may find, as you keep creating, that your memory and focus improve as well.
Heather Ordover of Craftlit has created a wonderful project on that discusses the psychological benefits of knitting and other crafting on memory retention.

By being loyal to a project, by learning something new, you will find yourself growing as an individual.

Stephanie Pearl-McFee wrote a great book about this topic, you can find it here on Amazon·

So while the newest pattern comes out or the pretty yarn is dyed by your favourite indie-dyer, remember the project you have already committed to.

Your time is worth while and the project you are working on is making you a better person.

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  1. The Rock Vandal
    Nov 16, 2016 @ 12:16:04

    Very wise words. Knitting is truly the best!

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