I’m making a list…

Some time ago I announced smugly to the rest of my knitting pals that I did not intend to do any Christmas knitting.  Last year’s marathon still leaves me with nightmares of being buried under a pile of very cute Christmas stockings.  There were hundreds of them!

However a quick look at the bank balance brought me to earth with a bump. In this new fiscal landscape, I was not only going to have to knit most of my Christmas gifts – I was going to have to knit them – from STASH.

So, once the placenta coloured mermaid tail was completed (to be fair the yarn did not look medical in the shop, I fancied it was a more under the sea colour), I set about totting up what I would need.

At the moment, and like mortgage rates this is subject to change, the list is as follows:

  1. 6 super bulky crochet cowls (thanks to Helen for last year’s swap yarn).
  2. 30 (yes 30) Irish lace snowflakes. These are really pretty and when stiffened will make great tree decorations) But they are extremely fiddly, and I feel a stocking level hatred building inside me.
  3. 3 aran scarves for the expats – who despite never wearing aran in their lives are now hankering for a bit of the ‘old country’.
  4. 15 medium sized Christmas stockings to fill with goodies for Youngest Child’s extended friend circle – this offer was made very late at night and my resistance was low.
  5. Nine flower shaped cotton facecloths – in fairness these were a late addition to the list when I had to justify buying LOTS of cotton in The Range during our road trip last week.
  6. Another mermaid tail – in a more acceptable colour this time
  7. A stocking big enough to hold a book (for the brother of the mermaid recipient)

In addition, everyone else I know will be getting  jar of chilli syrup to pour over ice cream, but as this can be outsourced to the children i’m not too worried about that.  What could possibly go wrong with three stubborn children and a vat of hot sugar?

As you will see from the ‘finished basket’ I still have a way to go.  But I have done my calculations and if I don’t work, sleep, eat or interact with anyone I should be finished by about 11.37 on Christmas Eve.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ESK
    Nov 07, 2016 @ 10:00:35

    As one of the purported ‘ex-pats’ I feel aggrieved on several levels.
    1. I have worn Aran, once. it was while #on the continent in the 70’s and quite de rigeur. I have not repeated the experience as being a somewhat plain child, I resembled a member of the Clancy Brothers supporting Davey Arthur.

    2. Now I know what my gift is, the fun has gone right out of Christmas. I swear I still believed that the fat man in red brought all manner of loveliness!

    Can I get a snowflake too?

    Giving the children hot sugar and a task could be perceived as a Career Lesson. Hot Sugaring and Waxing are quite the thing now (I hear).

    Keep Blogging, it makes me smile.



  2. MrsCraft
    Nov 07, 2016 @ 17:04:23

    Good luck with your mission, you’ve set yourself a task and a half. I’m sure they will be much appreciated though. 😊

    Liked by 1 person


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