#neverenoughshawls. Is there though??

I have to question this hashtag. I thought I completely concurred… Shawl knitting is the perfect way to use up those gorgeous single skeins.. The ones that tempt and whisper, the ones you don’t need but you can’t live without, the ones that are way to pretty to hide in your shoes! for example…

Though as I mentally prepare/knit/pack/write a shopping list for EYF2017, I find myself wondering… Is there really never enough?

I know right?! Its a modest enough horde! I mean.. Stephen and ysolda have over 200 shawls! (storage?!? Washing/blocking?!? Terrifying.) But I feel I have a broad spectrum of styles and colours.. I also have 3 on the needles (2 big lacey beaded boo’s and another westknits MKAL) and I find myself always wearing the same 2 shawls! 
There’s another hashtag that resonates more with me these days.. But I’m not qualified to use it yet.. #handmadewardrobe.

I have (thanks to my dublin stash aquisition!) 4 sweater/jumper quantities in my stash (albiet short sleeved ones.. Or vests!)

(There is another skein of the A fine fish yarns Siren (my spirit colourway!) in a project bag with the needles and pattern to become a spritz stripes by Carol Feller)

I know, I know. That yellow is going to do me no favours.. But €12 for 10 balls of merino?! And I was thinking a colourwork mini skirt! (Get me!)

 So yeah.. I think I’m taking a shawl knitting haitus. Lets see how many garments I can knit before March.. I’d be happy with one! 😉


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  1. Heather
    Nov 02, 2016 @ 12:29:16

    Which are your two favorite shawls you always wear? Is it the colour, fibre or the fit?

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    • Crafting Rabbit Hole
      Nov 02, 2016 @ 14:59:47

      Very good question! 😉
      ‘Waiting for rain’ and ‘lumpy space’… I think it’s mostly the shape, they both are narrow at both ends! I would love to wear ‘follow your arrow’ more.. It’s the most autumnal colour wise.. And the most woolley… But I find a half pi hard to wear! 🙂

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      • Heather
        Nov 03, 2016 @ 16:10:50

        Ah! You’ve found an ideal shape!

        I love my half pi shawl (holey chevrons) I put it on so the widest part is down my front and then wrap the two ends forward. I wear my coats open so this keeps me warm.


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