Dublin 2016

They say a picture says a  thousand words….well looking at the pictures I took over the weekend there’s at least a trilogy of novels worth of words in there.

Only 3 of us stayed the whole weekend this year, getting the train down on Thursday evening (and for the first time, not having to become Olympic sprinters to get a seat with the big table…..think I missed that mad dash actually)

After a large hearty breakfast on Friday, we headed into Dublin and met up with Jo and Jaele in This is Knit for some well deserved yarn shopping


After a quick dander we got to the Constant Knitter where I helpfully talked Anja into buying more yarn (I’m an enabler and it was Brooklyn Tweed Shelter after all) and then it was time for a well deserved rest where I played with a selfie stick and still took a rubbish photo:


we’re all just barely in there!

Did you know there is an awesome baking shop in Dublin? These are all cakes!!!

After beads and Donuts Jo and Jaele had to leave, so we consoled ourselves with a Friday purchase colourwheel! (Please note that only 1 skein of each yarn is represented)


Saturday was THE SHOW:

All happy and excited going in….completely shattered 8 hours later coming out and this is why:

Most of the time I forgot to get photos, too busy buying yarn, fabric, dyes etc.

Want a Sunday morning colour wheel? Course you do!!!


Then journey home was rather quiet – we had a rather late night on the Saturday and I’m not allowed to share those photos  on pain of having my stash confiscated!

And thats that for another year….we all love our purchases, Bernie won the “who bought most” competition regardless of how much she protests and now we’re making plans for the unplanned purchases.

Did you go to the show? What all did you get?

Things we learnt in Dublin

  1. Anything goes in the Goblin hut….anything
  2. There’s a oil for that….there’s any oil for EVERYTHING
  3. Don’t use lavender –  it keeps us up for HOURS giggling like naughty school girls
  4. Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows lends itself beautifully to having misheard lyrics.
  5. Anja has pointy elbows so try not to snore in her ear (I have bruises!)
  6. Sometimes white emulsion tastes better than posh cheesecake
  7. Finally, don’t allow Anja and myself to sit in the back of a taxi together –  we fight like toddlers!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jaele
    Oct 25, 2016 @ 13:23:42

    Lol – Love the pics and the show looked like good craic! 🙂



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