Busy old year…

and the years not even over yet!  We’re gearing up for our first foray into the world of Culture Night. One of our group members, Jo, volunteers for the SOS Bus in Belfast and we thought it would be a nice idea to have the people of Belfast knit blanket strips for the bus which they, or someone they know, might need.


13:00 – 22:00

Knit a bit of a blanket for the SOS bus

Come help us help those who help us and add a row (or twelve) to a blanket for the great people of the SOS bus to use in their good works.

Remember an old skill or learn a new one. We have plenty of experienced knitters on hand to show you what to do and help you make the most of your contribution.

We’re number 65 on the map, thats Royal Avenue near Cafe Nero I believe….you won’t be able to miss us!

This is just one in a long list of things that the group has done this year…we’ve really worked our wee socks off trying to bring the group to the masses!

In March we did the Skill Fair which you can read about here, then we moved straight into making hexi’s for the Big Sock. After a moments rest, we started planning the Voluntary Arts Demo Day and the highlight of the year, World Wide Knitting in Public Day

I’d say that we deserve our trip to Dublin in October to recover for the craziness of the year –  its not every year you’re in the paper and on the radio, it is!  Maybe I’ll take the year off next year to try and work down some of this stash thats threatening to take over…



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