A Lesson Learned

Earlier this week I decided to plan ahead. I knew I was going to be taking a trip over the next weekend, and I wanted a project that was light, quick, and easy to transport. I also wanted it to be a one-skein project that required little mind power. So of course I figured it was time to knit that hat I’d promised my husband six months ago.

But where did I put that skein of fabulous charcoal grey Dublin Dye Company merino? I’m sure I put it in this box….

But no. Maybe this one? No. Ok. Downstairs, in that bag, surely….

Again, no. Don’t panic. It has to be around here somewhere. I just saw it, didn’t I? How can it just vanish?

I’ll go through the stash again. Hmm. There’s that skein of silk and alpaca I bought last year. Oh! And those two would be perfecto together! Maybe I should cast on a shawl?

NO! You have to find this skein of grey. That red Rowan won’t do at all. Too bright. And don’t even consider the Sirdar turquoise, or that green. The grey would go so well with his eyes. Back to the drawing board.

Hang on. What’s this box? Let’s ask the husband. Yeah, that one shoved in the corner, way up there. What is that? It’s what?! Let me get the ladder.

It’s MORE STASH!! Oh happy days!! There’s that bag of Rowan tweed, and the Donegal Aran I was saving! I’d forgotten completely about this ball of DK. And what’s this? Oh! It’s my Dublin Dye grey!!

I guess the husband is gonna get his hat. As long as he keeps his filthy mitts always from my stash. What was he thinking, boxing it up like that? Hrmph.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Niki
    Sep 13, 2016 @ 02:10:24

    Lol, I had the same problem myself earlier today!




  2. Becoming...
    Sep 13, 2016 @ 03:29:21

    We love us some stash don’t we?!! 🙂



  3. MrsCraft
    Sep 13, 2016 @ 06:09:59

    Haha, that sounds like something that would happen in my house! 😊



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