Countdown to the crafting New Year! 

I don’t know about you but September feels like the real new year to me! Kids going back to school and Autumn/winter rolling ’round again (a knitters time to shine! 😎)…. It’s a time to reprioritise the ravelry queue!

Though it got me thinking of all the summer projects planned that will have to wait… (Possibly a whole year! 🤔) as the weight/colour/style might not be right for Autumn. One such project is a dress I was planning for my 3 year old daughter. It was to have a knitted bodice and a fabric skirt..

(Yarn LITLG garden party, fabric Sewing bee fabrics) as you can see it isn’t really ‘cross season’! And if I rush it now she can wear it for a couple of weeks and it won’t fit her next summer! 😁

I was planning to have the dress and a wee jumper (Raindrops- tin can knits) and my Lumpy space.. And of course my  TTL MKAL…. All knit this summer!!

And all I managed was an impromptu Hat as a gift for a friend…

My lack of progress made me realise that perhaps my choice of veiwing pleasure of an evening isn’t helping… Maybe Stranger things and Orphan black are too exciting for me to get any crafting done in the short space of time between getting the 3 kids to bed and the husband coming home! Maybe I need to find some mindless tv (I used to get more done when I was preggers and watched a horror movie every night! 😳) Or listen to podcasts..

What do you like to do while you’re knitting? 😃


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