Tricks of the trade

Most people think that knitting and crocheting is just a matter of some pointy sticks and a ball of wool.

In most cases its a bit more complicated that that. Considering the fact that the needles and hooks alone come in a variety of materials –  bamboo, wood, carbon, plastic, milk protein (yup, it exists), and then there’s the straight needles, fixed circular, interchangeable, Tunisian crochet etc etc etc. So even the starting material isn’t as straight forward as a set of needles or a hook. You don’t want to get me started on the yarn itself –  its not always wool you know!

On Tuesday as I was battling my way though another repeat of my shawl (t-minus 6 days now) I got to thinking about all the other things knitters and crocheters hauled around with them on a regular basis. (It sometimes seems that we carry more stuff than a mum with a newborn!)

Even before you start creating you might have to wind your skein into a nice neat ball, so you’ll be breaking out the swift and ballwinder!


Once that’s done, you’ll need to keep the ball clean. You’ve a few options at this point. Project bags are always good but then there is a Yarn it

The thing about project bags are the possibilities. If you someone like I do (Coug20160803_223937_LLShJaeleCough) then they can turn your bag dreams into a reality. She made me this one for my birthday a few years ago…nothing wrong with ponies at my age!

You can have millions of pockets for your bits and bobs, drawstring or zip, handle for carrying, fabric of your choice, whatever size you wish and whatever style. Its truly up to you when it comes to having you the bag of your dreams.



As for the Yarnit, it just looks funky. The rubber bit at the bottom20160803_214318_LLS comes off so you can keep it in your cupholder in your car, and there’s storage  in that rubber  too. The yarn feeds though the holes so its not rolling around the floor and you can see at a glance how much yarn you have left (and then panic cuz its not enough and you need an emergency skein!)


You think we’re done? Not even close. Now you need all your bits and pieces….the measuring tape, the scissors, the stitch markers, and a handy little device I should have had with me on Wednesday but didn’t….a stitch saver.20160803_204012 It would have saved Anja a lot of bother had I had one with me, but I dug it out when I got home and chained it to my knitting lanyard.

So what does this device do? Exactly what it says on the tin. It’ll help pick up those dropped stitches without you resorting to hyperventilating….so I may have placed an order at Atomic Knitting for at least 5. Hey, I need them in EVERY bag I’ve got! Better safe than sorry.

Your crafting kit is now complete. You should be able to face any crafting emergency should it arise.

But you need 2 more things…simple things really but sometimes hard to come by… friends who are willing to fix your mistakes and a good cuppa!

So there you have it, my essential guide to the crafters essential toolkit.

What piece of kit can you not live without??


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