Summer lovin’

I’m quite fond of a KAL/CAL, although I usually end up failing to see them the whole way through. But my intentions are always good and summer time (i.e. a break from work) usually helps me be a little more engaged. So I was very pleased to see Jo’s latest offering in our Belfast SnB group on ravelry:

The idea is to include summer in your projects, using either the (official) name of the yarn or colour way, the (official) name of the pattern or by the nature of the item made (sun hat for example). Jo is the final judge on these matters and she doesn’t bend to popular opinion (well, only a little!).

Each project that meets the guidelines earns the crafter some points and what do points mean? Prizes! So of course my competitive streak is out. I’m in joint second place, which just won’t cut it … So I need to get moving. 
My current hold up is a yarn shortage. Meet the lovely summer stripes baby afghan …..

Do you see that little end of yarn? That is the lighter blue running out exactly 1.15 rows before the end. I played yarn chicken and I lost. I considered ripping it back to the previous light blue stripe, but then my blanket wouldn’t be symmetrical and that just wasn’t going to work for me. 

So the project went into time out to think about what it had done and lo and behold a (possible) solution dropped in my lap. 

Through the letter box dropped the ‘Let’s Knit’ magazine and with it some free yarn to knit a toy. Now am I mistaken or would this colour work for the final 1.15 rows? Should I risk it? Or rip it? Answers on a postcard please ….


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  1. MrsCraft
    Jul 08, 2016 @ 22:09:06

    Can you try a bit and then view it at different times of day/in different light to satisfy yourself it’s a good enough match? I’d do that and then make a final decision. Yarn chicken is a game I often lose too. 😂



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