What’s travelling?

The big question every knitter has to ask themselves when the go on vacation is, obviously, “What kind of knitting do I take?”

Something fancy (like a beaded lace shawl)?

Something simple (like plain, self-striping socks)?


Neither? (Kidding, we all know that’s never gonna happen…)

One project? Two? Three? FOUR?

Thus, we dive into the WIPs… The circular Fandom shawl that was cast on in a Mystery KAL autumn last year? Too big.

The CAL released in fortnightly installments? Too many skeins to take.

Meanwhile, we have started, and finished, a beaded lace shawl that was a disturbingly quick knit, and voilá, part of the decision has been made. We make another one. Different yarn, for someone else. Of course, this one project will not suffice. Not seeing how it has already been established as a quick knit. So, naturally, one will sit in the living room for half an hour, winding two skeins of lace yarn for yet another beaded lace shawl. And because we still need something stupid to knit, let’s also dig out that skein of sock yarn we’ve been wanting to knit forever.

Does that seem like enough for a week?

I sure hope so. the suitcase is full.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jacquline Cappuccino
    Jun 13, 2016 @ 23:10:49

    I usually bring two projects with me, an easy sock that I can do without a pattern and something more complicated for the longer periods of downtime like a lacy top.



  2. Becca
    Jun 14, 2016 @ 00:04:20

    I hope it’s enough! I get itchy hands when I’m sitting for too long and don’t have anything to knit. When I’m traveling, I usually bring a pair of socks for airplane or car knitting and something bigger (like a sweater piece) for destination knitting. I find this combo works out pretty well for me!



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