Your handy guide to free patterns

If you know me long enough and love me properly I will more than likely add something for you to my Ravelry Queue.

I love Ravelry for connecting with fellow knitters and crocheters, for keeping track of how much yarn I have and even how many needles and hooks I have.

The groups are great, and if you have a keen wit and a healthy sense of the perverse come find me in the other group I use most often on Ravelry; LSG.

But enough of where I hang out, you came here for the Free stuff right?

Well, it so happens that Ravelry is also a great way of finding new indie designers, and even some commercial ones, and you have a pick of patterns you have to purchase as well as free ones.

Ravelry is so good at this that if you just went in blindly and searched for a shawl pattern you would be overwhelmed with thousands of patterns to choose from.

So, how do you narrow down your options?

I’ll tell you how I do it.

After logging in I go to the Patterns Page, by pressing the Patterns Tab.
I then look on the left sidebar to the “HOT RIGHT NOW” box, (yes I look for both knitting and crochet, I am bi-craftual), and I see the first 5 on this list.

Well that isn’t enough for my pattern loving self, I need more! So what I do is I click on the “BROWSE PATTERNS IN THIS ORDER” option which opens up a full page of patterns, with options to click on more pages!
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 19.41.18

This is great, but wait the two of the top three are patterns you have to pay for! This isn’t the free pattern bonanza you promised me Sharon, what the ever lovin alpaca?

This is where my next secret comes in handy, look again to that handy left side bar and find the “AVAILABILITY” box. there you just check the FREE option and the page refreshes itself and you can see page after page of free popular pattern treasure trove.Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 19.41.48


Good luck pattern hunting.


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