Don’t we all just love a KAL??!

A KAL, for those who don’t know, is a ‘knit along’… Where knitters from all over our wee world (sometimes as wee as a Starbucks!) knit the same pattern, or with the same yarn, or any pattern by a specific designer.. (You get the gist!) At the same time.. Usually with a start and end date, sometimes with prizes!
Some of us might be a wee bit.. Umm.. Addicted to KAL’s!
Especially the mysterious ones! So an MKAL is a mystery KAL, where the pattern is released as a series of clues.. (So it’s a good idea to like/trust the designer before you start! ;-))
I (hangs head in shame) have not one but two unfinished Boo MKAL’s on the needles at the minute.. ‘be with you‘ and ‘voodoo‘ both of which will be lovely.. If I could stop casting on!
Although.. Most of the time a KAL can help you focus, there’s support if you get stuck and you can fly though a pattern! I recently finished waiting for rain (townhouse yarns, fade st in carnage)

But at the minute.. As well as my two Boo’s.. I am knitting I believe as part of a KAL (which has finished.. But its for my Mother in laws birthday next week!) a ripplets as part of the 2nd annual any shawl by Melanie Berg, which finishes June 12th..

And I might just have signed up for the through the loops MKAL starting June 1st!! Ok.. It looks much worse written down! Better get knitting.. And winding..
Like I said.. Some of us have a problem..


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