Information overload

If you happen to have the pleasure of knowing a crafter, or are a crafter yourself, then you know that they are always planning something.

As for us, well last Thursday after a brief flurry of texts, we became members of instagram! Shortly thereafter we were also on twitter!

Our first posts were about making fabric hexis for the NI Big Sock project More info here. The project was the brainchild of Pamela and, armed with her hexis, she’s attempting to break the record for the largest sewn stocking…. we only managed 100 last week but she assured us that every little helps:


If you want to help make a dream come true, check out the link above for more info.

So, useful information time! You can follow us on instagram @Belfastsnb and on twitter @Belfast StitchnBitch. We managed to get the twitter feed onto the blog (over there—–>)

I don’t know about the other blog contributers, but instagram and twitter are completely lost on me (although I did do my first instagram post earlier) but I do know my way around Facebook.  Our group has nearly 100 members and I can’t wait until we reach the magical triple digit! There definitely should be a prize – any suggestions?

As well as planning our stealthy takeover of the world via all social media, we’re also having an event on Saturday. It’s currently Voluntary Arts Week and we’ll be doing demos of various crafts.

Our aim for this event is to share our passion for all things crafty with everyone – try your hand at knitting, crochet, spinning and sewing (hexi making and cross stitch) We’re hoping that people will see that crafting can help reduce stress and anxiety, it allows the introverted an opportunity to open up with like minded people and it’s just so much fun!

We’ll have a bunch of needles/hooks and yarns so if you love what you’re crafting then you can take it home!

As for future plans, watch this space (but keep 18th June free…you’ll find out why soon enough)

Oh, and because it’s a crafting blog, here’s some yarn I bought recently…



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