How Not to Sew an Elsa Dress

Back in August, my mother visited us for a few weeks. One of her friends is an avid sewist and kindly passed on some left over material and a pattern for an Elsa dress, so my mother brought it along with her. It sat in my sewing stash, teasing me, for almost 8 months. And then I said enough already….I was ready to take it on.

Now, my daughter enjoys Frozen. I enjoy Frozen. But we’re not uber fans. My daughter likes being her own princess, and frankly, I could do without princesses altogether. But the perfect fabric and the pattern was just sitting there, waiting to be used, and I thought, well, why not?

I should have known better.

Anyone who sews surely knows the pain of sewing with satin, the tedious nature of chiffon and tulle and the machine-gumming, swear-inducing headache of sewing through that synthetic stretchy stuff with glued-in sequins. Ugh. Then combine a garment that has all three, and don’t forget the tulle has glued-on glittery snowflakes.


My house looks like a fairy barfed all over it. 

Anyway, I got to sewing. I gummed up the machine with that sticky gluey sequin stuff twice, and broke two needles, and it’s the sloppiest thing I have ever sewn together in my life. That’ll teach me to sew something that my heart isn’t completely in. Also, I modified the pattern a bit for our colder weather and used the satin for the yoke and sleeves instead of tulle.

Because on its own, the pattern was simple enough. On their own, the fabrics would have been fine. But combining the two, a multi-step, detailed pattern with fiddly fabric when I have limited time and space and trying to wrangle three young monsters kids?

What was I thinking again?



But look at that sweet face. She loves it.


She better love it. She better be planning to get married in it.


I jest. Kind of.


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