April Colours

It’s April already! Where has the time gone?

Anyway, Spring is in the air here and after the Easter Break, having all the children underfoot, and with all the baking I’ve been doing, I decided today that I was suffering from a bit of spring fever and needed to get out of the house.

One of the joys of living on this island is that you are never more than a  40 minute drive to a coastal area.

I see the sea.


So I packed myself a small picnic, grabbed my current WIP, headphones, and audiobook and drove to a little spot I know of.

I then walked for a good while listening to Age of Innocence -Craftlit and noticing the fantastic pops of colour in the sand.

I, as you know, love my bright and bold colours. But today listening to a wonderful narration of a book about the subtleties of New York Society, and the constraints of said society,  with myself full of the restless nature that usually happens in Spring, I found myself drawn to this subdued colour pallet of sand, shells, and glass.


Look at the pretty!


Really, isnt this stunning?


A seat, but look at those dark tones!


The blue just steals my imagination.


It is almost purple it is so rich!


I took more than a few photos to capture the colours, and I may have lifted one or two pieces of sea glass as well.

While on my journey I did stop and  add my own pop of colour to the landscape, and I knit a few rows on the Russian slipper pattern I am trying to translate. (If my attempt is successful I will post the details on the blog.)

My knitting bag is such a good model, no divas here.

All in all I had a lovely time knitting in the spring sunshine and sea breeze.
I’m now inspired to crochet Last Dance in the Rain, a crochet along hosted by Scheepjes in the memory of one of their designers.

Aren’t the colours perfect?


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