In which I’m a little bit crazy

But then, who says being crazy is a bad thing?

I managed to talk the other Nicky into joining me in a challenge of epic madness proportions – we’re going to knit/crochet 12,000 yards from our stash in 6 weeks.

Yup, you read that right – 6 weeks.

This challenge was the dream child of a girl over on the Ravelry Stash Down Group. I’ve been following and playing along for years now. Last year I was part of a Team and as a team we met our 12,000 yard goal.


This little beauty busted though my stash of Sirdar Country DK. I had 3 balls of each colour so I held it tripled and threw some sock yarn in there for good measure. It didn’t take long really considering its garter stitch and huge 10mm needles!

I have to say though that its the comfiest and coziest blanket ever… anyway, back to this years craziness.

Since Nicky and I have decided to team up (Tweedledum and Tweedledee) we really only have to use 6,000 yards each, and we have a plan.  We’re multistranding.

Last night I finshed a blanket (January and February seem to be blanket months for me, it must be the freezing cold weather) using Stylecraft Special DK held doubled:



The colours are lime, turquoise, gold, emperor and duck egg for the blocks. The stripes are magenta, golf, emperor, duck egg, lime, magenta and turquoise and the boarder is lipstick.  Oh, the pattern is free over on Ravelry (Wesley Crib Blanket.

So, having finished that epic wonder last night for a measley 600 yards (its been on the go since Christmas) I looked around for something else to start that would positively EAT the yarn…and my eyes fell upon a basket of the Sirdar Country. It seems I’ve been gathering it up for some purpose –  buying it when I see it, stealing it from Sharons stash, the usual.


There’s another ball of red somewhere but its being a sneaky devil at the minute. The plan, for a healthy 2,500 yards AT LEAST is to multistrand this little lot for some sock yarn again. i’m just having some issues in deciding the colour order as the selection is quite dark. I’m thinking black, grey, brown, red, greens and if needs be, I’ll buy more blues and finish with that.

Hopefully by the time my next post is due I’ll have something to show for that pile of yarn….or maybe the craziness will take over and I’ll decide socks are the yarn to rack up 1,000 yards in a week!!


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