The Story of the French Doctor.

Let me tell you a story; a story of a young girl, a friendship that has lasted a life time, and a quest for a geeky knit.

This story starts in the long ago past, back before mobile technology, video chats, or even Twitter.

When two children, in the same elementary school went separate ways. One moved out of the school district and the other didn’t. These two children weren’t very close, but they knew of each other and had even shared a table during messy time. When the younger, (by two whole months!) child moved he left a memory of a laugh, a story about a great show on tv and half of a pink eraser.

The other child, the elder (by two whole months thank you very much!), tried to watch this great TV show, but got scared by the opening credits and never really watched it again.

Fast forward 7 years, when the two month difference wasn’t such a big deal, these two children, now young adults, met again in a different school but sharing the same table.

Memories were sparked and a bond was formed, and again the TV show was mentioned.
This TV show was Dr Who. A difficult find for someone in a small town in Canada to track down. (Remember this is in the days before Netflix, we still had to leave the house to rent a movie and bring it home on a clunky thing called a video tape.)

In a further attempt to bond the young lady tried again to watch the TV show with her re-found friend, but instead formed a poetry club that plotted world domination through the clever writing of ‘zines.

Fast forward another handful of years and our heroes are now fully fledge adults and living on opposite sides of the Atlantic. One in Canada, and one here in Northern Ireland, and both are avidly watching Dr Who in their own homes.

Now here is where the story gets good, and connected to this blog, because here is where we get crafty.

The younger (by only 2 months, we’re almost twins!) man is furthering his education by improving his French in the city of Amore itself. Of course, being so close it would be a shame not to visit such and old dear friend!
So our heroine packs her bag, and armed with a few choice addresses, flies to gay Paris.

While her dear and old friend is in his French class, our heroine takes her poor school French, google maps, and a well thumbed (Canadian) French- English dictionary and goes exploring.

Here she finds the sweetest and most welcoming yarn and tea shop that she has ever been to.


L’Oisive Thé, a perfect little knitterly haven.

Thankfully her broken French is not needed here as the owner is an American who has moved to Paris.

This is a delight and a terror for our heroine because the only thing that kept her from over spending was the language barrier.
But when she saw the delights that were the Madeline Tosh Unicorn tails, and the completed Unicorn Cowl that was knit using one of each of the delightful colours any hopes of keeping to a succinct budget were gone in a puff of yarn fumes.


Really could you resist this?

So a complete kit was purchased, and when the knitters back home in Belfast demanded Unicorn Tails, well our heroine HAD to return and get two more kits.


Because souvenir yarn isn’t stash right?

“How does this link to Dr Who?” my readers ask. “What about our hero? Did he pass his French exams?”

Well, I am happy to oblige my dear readers.
Firstly, the cowl in question is still on the needles, but it is nearly complete. But as our heroine is, in fact, a very loose knitter the cowl is much MUCH longer than the original pattern suggests.


The pattern Unicorn Stripes is available on Ravelry.


In fact is current measures a just under 7ft long. The great Tom Baker’s infamous scarf was eventually 13 ft long, but travelling through time and space and lack of proper blocking is bound to make a scarf stretch.

So this little 7 ft scarf is named the French Doctor, in honour of where the yarn came from and the darling friend who prompted me not only to watch the series in the first place, but also got me to go to Paris.

As for my dear Friend, he finished his French lessons, enjoyed the sights, sounds and walks in Paris, and we even went to Versailles together.

He is back home and we are delighting in the advancement of technology that enables us to contact each other across and ocean with just a click of a button, and also gives us access to most of the back catalogue of our favourite BBC tv series’.


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  1. Crafting Rabbit Hole
    Feb 08, 2016 @ 08:21:43

    Such a lovely story!




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