A Day in the Life

I like to sew. That’s pretty obvious if you know me. I like to sew a lot. If there’s something that I need or want and it can somehow be made with fabric, I’ll give it a go. One might use the word obsessed, but since we’re in polite company, I’ll just stick with enthusiastic.

So anyway, most of my friends know that I love to sew, and they occasionally oblige my obsession enthusiasm with requests for various items. Most of them are pretty typical: bags, clothes, toys, dolls, cushion covers, etc. But of course some of them have been a little eccentric. I mean, considering who I hang out with, of course there are gonna be some interesting projects. (Wouldn’t have it any other way, by the way. Where else would I find such a motley crew of nutters to hang out with who would have me??)

Anyway, so Sharon asked me to make her 15 blindfolds. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking!


A selection of pinks and reds.

Sharon has recently qualified as a chakra dance instructor, and she’s very good at what she does. (Wondering what that is? See her website here.) I’ll let her tell you more about it, but the blindfolds are part of the course. To help you feel less self-conscious about dancing yourself to discovery! So I made these blindfolds out of lightweight cotton, and they’re opaque just enough to cut off your view but not dim the light.


And obviously they’re in shades of all the colours of the rainbow.


Some of these prints are sparkly!

I hope they make her – and more importantly – her clients happy. They made me happy to make them, and seeing them altogether just gives me the warm fuzzies. Sharon has an event coming up soon, too, on the 21st of February. If anyone is interested, please feel free to get in touch!


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