A Merry Handmade Christmas

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Like almost all crafters, I can’t resist throwing in a few handmade items into the gift stash. Making things especially for people I love out of fabrics, yarn, and materials I know they’ll treasure, in colours I know they like, just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. And like most crafters, I’m not just a one trick pony. I like experimenting with different designs, styles, and media. So I thought I’d create a post that showcased a few examples to demonstrate that handmade crafts don’t have to be hokey (unless you want them to be), and they don’t have to be huge, expensive, or elaborate to make an impact.

Ornaments and Decorations

We’ve all seen that tree on Pinterest. The green felt Christmas tree with the felt ornaments that the kids can decorate. Well, one year we decided to forego a real tree and go with this instead. While it turned out ok, I think it’s definitely better when used in conjunction with a proper Christmas tree with lights and all the trimmings! Or maybe I’m just a traditionalist.


Then there were the handmade decorations. These were fun, quick and cheap to make, and I think they look extra sweet on a (proper!) Christmas tree!



Of course I couldn’t resist trying my hand at some Christmas clothes. I hadn’t been sewing long when I realised that I couldn’t find the kind of Christmas clothes what I wanted for my toddler son. So I decided to make some! I wanted something festive, but easy and comfortable for him to wear. I decided to draft a design for a waistcoat, and the Christmas waistcoats were born!

The original is on the right, and on the left are all the variations! They’re fun and relatively easy to make and I think they make wonderful little additions to a festive outfit, for both boys and girls!

And there were matching shoes for the babes….


But then there came a time when my daughter wanted a frilly dress. So I made her a dress. (This is a slightly modified version of the fabulous Olivia dress!)


And let’s not forget the knitting!


I promise she was more excited about this hat than she seems here. No, really.

At least my son appreciated his.


And then there were the failures, like the homemade Christmas paper:


The stamps were cut from potatoes, and while it was messy and fun, I had reams of brown paper roll drying all over the living room and kitchen for half a day. That was not so fun.

But all in all, I think a little bit of handmade at Christmas goes a long way. Top tip: Leave yourself some time to finish. Don’t do what I do and frantically try to finish things on Christmas eve, or worse – Christmas Day!

(What I’m doing now:)


I certainly am very appreciative of the handmade gifts I receive, because I know how much effort, time and love went into them! Whatever your traditions this year, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Crafty 2016!!




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