The phases of the loom… Or needles..

I’ve come to the realisation that a knitter goes though many phases… Depending on what’s going on in their life at any given time. For example when I started down this crazy path not all that terribly long ago it was all about the toys! Cheap materials, instant gratification, smiling recipients and parents full of praise!


But when the nephews heartache was plain to see upon receiving his second knitted dinosaur.. I knew it was time to put away the straight needles and acrylic DK.
Then came the Boo’s… And no I’m not talking about heckles! I’m talking about expensive 100% silk, lace weight yarn, interchangeable needle sets and size 6 seed beads! Oh the gorgeousness! Oh the look of awe and disbelief on your friend’s faces! But oh the sheer horror when this happens…


Because you’re fed up only having time to do 1 row a night (’cause you’re so busy all day and the rows are so long and your eyes are closing!) so you get cocky and attempt a row while the kids are up.. (yes they’re preoccupied.. But don’t be fooled.. It’s a trap!)
So that’s the end of that.. For the time being at least.. Right now it’s all about the garter.. And the cowls and hats and chunkier yarn.. Pattern repeats that are easy to memorise.. So I can do a couple of stitches and put it down and pick it up anytime!


Of course a few skeins of 4ply gorgeousness for Stephen Wests MKAL fits this current phase of mine nicely (what colours will your doodler be?!) but who knows what the next phase might be..
Maybe socks?


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  1. Sanne
    Oct 24, 2015 @ 12:57:25

    Oh goodness, my heart goes out to your pretty shawl! (I’m assuming it is, please correct me if I’m wrong.) Those are some amazing colors, I hope you’ll be able to fix it.

    Also where did you get that lovely plastic yarn bowl? It looks amazingly convenient!

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    • Crafting Rabbit Hole
      Oct 24, 2015 @ 13:32:02

      Yes it’s my boo ‘be with you’ shawl.. And yes I was on the last chart :-\ haha! Thankfully I had a lifeline in just at the bottom of the cavernous hole! 😉 i have it all packed neatly (position in pattern clearly marked!) away in sealed tubberware until the time is right..
      Haha yes the colours!! It’s dye for yarn ‘a dying rose’ and watercolours and lace ‘a zest for lime’.. Hopefully by the end of next summer I’ll be draped in neon shimmering loveliness.. With the holes in all the right places! 😉
      The yarn bowl is a ‘yarnit’.. They have a website I think.. It is amazing!! Perfect for travel knitting!
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂



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