Crafting Entertainment.

October already! Where has the time gone?

I know everyone is all excited about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and wearing layers, and breaking out all these wonderful hand knits we create to keep the chill at bay. But I have a serious question for us all.

Have we carried the pumpkin spice thing too far?

I would totally go into this yarn store just for the witty sign.

Autumn in a wonderful season, as we all know, but how do we entertain ourselves as the nights draw in?
Netflix seems to have been designed for the crafter; we can watch show after show without having to put down our tools and we get to fall in love with characters from every genre, and some of us daring folks even watch things with subtitles while knitting lace! (I may write up that post, some day when the memory of it stops bringing me to tears.)

But what about things other than the goggle box to keep us entertained while we craft?


I love audiobooks myself. I can read and I can knit or crochet and I experience two of my great loves at once.
I also love podcasts, and when I started knitting there were very few podcasts to listen to for knitter. Then there was the podcast explosion and everyone had something to talk about.

Some podcasts fizzled out (my own a good example), some ran their course, and the good ones, the ones with viable content survived.

I have two gems of the podcast universe and I am going the share them with you.


Now I am biased because I know Heather, and she is one of the best people out there. But I know her because of this podcast. She arranged for a tour of London, Bath, and Wales a few years ago and that is where I met her.
My son has read for her, and another mate of mine has read for her. She takes classic books and brings them to your ears, with wit, humour, intelligence, and the ability to translate the little cultural differences that have not made it to our modern age.

Welcome to the Nightvale
This one is for the fans of the X Files, conspiracy theories, or TwinPeaks. It is a spooky and elegant community broadcast style podcast for a mythical town in the mid-west USA.
Perfect listening for dark October evenings.

One of our members, who has her own blog has a good list to check out at well.

NearlyThere’s Awesome Blog


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