Block party

How do you have a block(ing) party?.. I hear you cry.. Well.. For me it began with a fear. A fear of ruining all my hard work. A fear of doing it wrong. I would rather have a potentially lovely shawl languishing in a project bag than an expensive ruined heap on the blocking mat!
And so I knit on.. And on.. Until I noticed the doubt in a friends eyes, when after a year I had nothing to show her! So I took the plunge, or rather my knits did!
I had purchased two large foam jigsaws from smyths (so the kids can use them in between times, I’m all about dual-purpose!) Knit pro T pins, and some rust proof dressmakers pins, and some fig scented Soak so I was good to go!


Stephen Wests Welty

And really once I got going there was nothing to it! I just placed pins in the top and bottom of the centre of the shawl and worked my way first to one edge.. Teasing and stretching and pinning it… And then to the other, repositioning pins when needed.


Boo knits Mustardseed

When it came to the Baby suprise jacket I was unsure. Did I need to block garter stitch? Would it make it less squishy? Too big?


Pre blocking



It (and I’ve heard someone say this before and I was like ‘whaa??’) made the stitches relax, the soft squishy garment was softer.. And squishier!
So I’m a true blocking convert! In the space of a few days I went from having nothing (except some weird, curly unwearable piles of yarn!) to show for my enjoyable new obsession, to having 4 shawls to flaunt and my first fitted garment ready for rehoming.. Rock on!!


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