A stash of two cities …

*WARNING* This post contains unnecessary kitteh shots, purely because they refused to get out of the way. We will not discuss what happened to the one particular kitteh who decided to run away with a skein of botany lace. No disclaimers here.

So I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Nicky and, yes, I am different from the other Nikki (I don’t just have a penchant for changing how I spell my name every week). I’ve been an engineer, a researcher, a software tester and now a teacher, but through it all I’ve been a Knitter! Right now I work in Kuwait as a primary teacher in an international school, which involves a lot of sweating, the occasional sunburn and usually not a lot of knitting (although believe me I make up for it in school holidays). This year’s mission is to try to keep knitting a more regular thing during the school term. Priorities and all that.

Now let’s get down to the order of the day. Stash. Love it or hate it, we’ve all got it. I’ve heard there are some sort of creatures who never actually have a stash (they only ever buy for a project as they need it and work on it right away), but I believe this to be an urban myth told only to make us normal knitters feel inefficient.

As I split my time between working in Kuwait and living in Belfast, I am in the peculiar circumstance of having two stashes in two entirely different continents. The Belfast stash is of such vast proportion that I prefer to think of it in the same way as the proverbial tree (if a stash exists in a different continent and there is no knitter there to use it, does it exist? I say no!).

So, the Kuwaiti stash. What is it? How much is there? And how do I decide what to bring? Well here it is, doesn’t it look minuscule and totally manageable? Haha! Looks can be deceiving.

So what is in it? Firstly, quite a bit of sock yarn. It seemed a good idea when I first came with a strict luggage limit to a hot country. Socks give me many hours of knitting for one 100g ball and are not lying in your lap adding to the torture of summer temperatures. Logic failed me however when it took three years to finish the sock I cast on in my first week in Kuwait. Socks were just not to be.

Clearly I leveled up on this particular logic, as there is also a lot of lace (despite the fact that I have never finished a project knit with lace weight in my life).  Maximize that yardage per gram!

And how do I decide what to bring? Well, as you’ve already seen, the early days were all about yardage, yardage, yardage!!! But then I discovered that most of the time I was knitting hats and cowls and baby cardigans and really, my Kuwaiti stash was not fit for purpose. So it started to transform and I started to think project based. We have the good staple cottons, wools and blends (with a magazine kit thrown in for good measure).

Then there is the pattern writing kit. Here you see the makings of two Christmas stockings – free pattern to follow soon (other stocking patterns are available, cat not required but free to a good home – the botany lace culprit!).

And finally we have, what I affectionately call, ‘the pretties’. These are all the skeins that called to me to pack them, that found themselves squeezed into a packed case (because it needed a little more padding, right?). These are the ones I want to knit with RIGHT NOW, but always seem to end up further down the list.

I think it’s because they’re not planned for. These are spontaneous buys, which never had a project in mind. I need some pattern searching time, I need some inspiration, I need help. So tell me, what should they be? And which do I cast on next?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon Adamz
    Sep 15, 2015 @ 17:19:45

    Oh I can’t wait for the stocking pattern to go live.



  2. Crafting Rabbit Hole
    Sep 15, 2015 @ 18:11:55

    Love that the ‘the pretties’ pile is the biggest! 😉



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