Through the blogging looking glass..

I suppose an introduction would only be polite if I’m to drag you kicking and screaming on this blogging journey with me!


I’m Bernie, and I’ve been stitching and bitching with these mad hatters for about a year now! I have three kids under 5 (youngest 3 months!) two whippets and a husband who works crazy hours.. So believe me when I tell you I was very happy to find kindred spirits (it’s nice to be able to talk about delicious yarn or beautiful patterns and know that the person you’re talking to isn’t dying of boredom! It’s great being able to knit while you talk without everyone thinking you’re rude!) I now look forward to my weekly caffeine and crafting fix! (So if you’re a lonely crafter and it’s at all possible.. Find a group!)


I taught myself to knit through youtube videos (and blogs I guess!) and I’m still learning.. with every project I do! (Current hurdle.. Beaded lace shawls! But we’ll get back to that!)
So follow us down the crafting rabbit hole, you can learn from/laugh at our mistakes! (which in my case will be alot..!)



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